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This ground-breaking film introduces us to men and women who have never experienced sexual attraction, and the challenges they face living in a sex obsessed society....   more »
Gay people in Africa are facing increased persecution in a continent where two-thirds of countries retain laws against homosexuals....   more »
In laboratories around the world, psychologists are grappling with the age-old question of morality: do we come into the world as amoral creatures without any sense of right and wrong, without any conscience and only learn to be “good”?...   more »
In Digoli, a small village in the Indian Himalayas, “magical” rituals and arranged marriages remain a common part of the mountain culture. But modernity has begun to exert its influence....   more »
Circus School captures the breathtaking feats of a new generation of gymnastic performers-in-training in a centuries-old form of Chinese acrobatics. Given the art form’s focus on challenging physical limitations, many Chinese view acrobatics as the...   more »
Electric Mind ushers viewers through the halls of organizations conducting groundbreaking research on the electricity of brain function as a treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, and dystonia....   more »
This engaging film shows how a dedicated teacher and community organizer in New Mexico brought a colorful, passionate Hispanic dance to America...   more »
Julie Tilsen and Dave Nylund discuss the clinical use of cultural studies and methodologies as a way to engage youth in productive, meaningful, and meaning-making conversations about the influence of popular culture in their lives....   more »
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